Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wedding Cake ~in memories

Salam Dear All,

We had moved into a new year in islamic Calender yesterday, Happy Awal- Muharram TO all muslimin and muslimah all aroud the world. Hopefully we had turn our life, by meaning turn into the new leaf
in improving our life to be better man, rather than lost in vain sacrified for nothing worthless.:)
Perhaps due to these school holidays, many wedding ceremony will be done during the school breaks in which involving a lots of helping hands to make them succesfully happened  indeed. :)

I still remember the last year's memory , while attended my BFF, ZANA.. wedding in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, helped her for her wedding ceremony , of course the best part is during solemnization moments , the food, the villagers and of course...the CAKE  :).
 I JUST REALIZED that the time went very fast , seemed she already delivered her new lil baby gurl early this month.. how sweet she is..congrates to you my dear Zana , new mother :)

Here's the pics that reminds me a lot about a picture captured thousands of words~
.with her 3 TIERED-simple wedding white buttercream vanilla butter cake *(^_^)*
and the maroon  bride & bridegroom..

**Official wedding ceremony

**The Making Of ~

**wEdding Gifts & Wedding Preparations~~

Engagement day~


** I really miss our joyful moments during in the university, wish you very very great days ahead with your new happy family..:)

Have a nice day all;

fieda's delight

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