Sunday, November 6, 2011

Caramel cake for Eid-Adha (2011)

Salam , dear all
Happy Eid-Adha for all muslimin & muslimat all over the world
last night, i made caramel cake which is well known in baker bloggers,
specially made for my family in my hometown

caramel cake is actually caramel pudding on the top of it + just like marble cake on the bottom of it.
the making of this cake actually not really hard if u have lots of  patience on it and passion to make it:)

i also made our main dishes during Eid Adha that so called ' Nasi Kerabu' as our heavy dishes
 which i will update in next entry,
Nasi Kerabu is a famous dishes in Kelantan  in stead of Laksam which i updated last entry. The dishes
contains a lot of vegetables /(ulam) which is healthy food to the people who cares about their health.:)

Here's the outcomes;

caramel cake  in my version (steamed caramel cake)

have a nice day all ,even though in these raining season *(^_~)*

Cooking with love and you will taste the passion of it

fieda's delight
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call us; 013-3083792 (fieda)

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