Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blueberry Cheese Tart Untuk *Kiyo (^_^)*

Salam, dear All,
Latest entry is dedicated to my dear friend,Syakirah *(Kiyo) *(^_^)*
She requested to bring back to her hometown , 
have a safe journey and have a nice day, Kiyo*(^_^)*

Cheese Tart + Blueberry Filling Topping
(8cm diameter)

Tq for ordering with us *(^_^)*
fieda's delight

Have a nice day ALL..

How To Order;
sms/call-fieda(017-3696845/ 013-3083792)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fruit Tartlets Again *(^_^)V

Salam dear All,

This entry supposed to be uploaded earlier, but because of lack of times to do so,
doing another jobs,
here's the results as follows;

Fresh fruit + cheese tartlets
(yellow kiwi + grape fruits as previous designs)
**ordered by my sister's friend ,@ kolej Burhanuddin Helmi,UKM.(final semester holiday)
Enjoys the pics &  have a nice day all *(^_^)*

Tq For Ordering With Us
fieda's delight

How To Order;
sms/call-fieda (017-3696845/013-3083792)

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Chocolate Strawberry & Simple Choc buttercream Cuppies

Salam Dear All,

Latest entry is all about previous cuppies ordered by previous customers

*sorry for forgetting to upload the pics which taken last few months ago*(^_^)*
due to busy doing another jobs.

Anyway, enjoy the pics ..

1) Chocolate Strawberry cuppies + fresh fruits (strawberry) topping
* ordered by Ann from UKM 

~The strawberry seems quite larger,- i bought it @ GIANT store,Bangi.
But since then, the strawberry sold in GIANT slightly smaller in size,*(~_~)*,
its ok, might be because of different supplier, i do admit it..*(^_~).

2)Simple Chocolate + simple swirl buttercream topping

ordered by Puan Lin ,seksyen 7,BBBangi
for her event

 Tq for Ordering with Us 
fieda's delight

Have a Nice Day All

How To Order;
sms/call-fieda (017-3696845/ 013-3083792)

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Salam Dear All,

Latest entry is dedicated to my dear beloved students (Mira &Dania)
Happy 15th (Mira) and 14th (Dania) Birthday to both of YOU.

**Good Luck For Your Future Undertaking, study smart and get flying colors in your exam***

Specially for Mira
(Peach Cake+ buttercream +choc topping)

Specially for Dania
(Strawberry-grape Cake + choc ganache )

Dania & Mira's Family~We really like it,really delicious thank you so much :)

Have a nice day *(^_^)*

fieda's delight

How to Order;
sms/call-fieda (017-3696845 / 013-3083792)


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