Friday, June 25, 2010

flowery pink cc

this cupcakes dedicated to my dear friend...khalida :)...on her 24th birthday 
..with best wishes, may god blessu always and good luck in ur future undertaking....:)
vanilla flavour cc+ buttercream 
flowery pink (24pcs)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Announcement....Pengedar choc moist cake (CMC) diperlukan...

Dear valued customer,
pengedar cmc a k a choc moist cake diperlukan di sekitar bangi, kl ...selangor...

-part time digalakkan 

yng berminat sila hubungi, for more details..:
miss fida -0193568434/0173696845

gOOD luck cc :)

good luck nie dedicated untuk my dearest friends..
thanks for all supports & believing me..:)
all the best in whatever u do...get up n never give up...
even its ur own secrets , just dont stop and stare, just say all i need ,and do all the right moves,..
do you remember,even its makes u sometimes harder to breath,just for the rest of your life,
dont get down,thats the way you are..
if we ever meet again, let me see u again and sometimes two is better than one...:)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy day cupcakes

cupcakes nie specially dedicated to my dear friend in shah alam...:)
enjoy ur days

choc flavour+choc ganache + buttercream

be happy...:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

football club theme (cupcakes)

cupcakes untuk jamuan after meeting di putrajaya...

cupcakes chocolate+ buttercream + choc ganache
(15 cups)
football club theme

enjoy ur days..:)..tqvm

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mixed fruit cake

Kali nie kiter wat kek buah.......

1)1/2cwn  /350gm  susu pekat manis
2)400gm mixed fruit
3)250gm butter cup
4)1 cwn susu segar (dutchlady)
5)2 biji telur
6)3 cwn tepung gandum (self raising flour)
7)1 sk soda bikarbonat
8) 2 sudu teh baking powder
9) 1/2 cwn orange juice / sunquick

Cara-cara membuat:
1) Pukul telur dan butter cup sehingga kembang. Masukkan susu segar dan susu manis, kacau rata
2) Masukkan tepung gandum yang di ayak dengan baking powder dan soda bikarbonat ke dalam adunan telur tadi. Kacau sebati.
3) Masukkan mixed fruit diselang seli dengan jus oren dan kacau biar rata.
4) Masukkan adunan ke dalam loyang yang digris dengna mentega dan bakar sehigga 175 dajah celcius selama 40 min.
5) ApAbila keke dah masak, sejukkan dan sedia untuk di hidang.


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