Tuesday, March 27, 2012

cute cartoon artwork cuppies new design *(^_^)*

Salam , dear all,

Presenting to you our new designs of cute cuppies *(^_^)*
theme; cartoon artwook tag
(these tags are suitable for birthday party/wedding etc )
specially handmade artwook paper tag, you can send any cartoons design as long as suitable and simple yet  cute designs to us .

***These cutie tags (handmade hard cover paper) can be used as bookmarks as well or any other applicable decorations ~*(^_^)*

Pricing details;
price are differents depends on designs of artworks :)
RM30-(12 pcs/set)
RM50-(16 pcs/set)


really cute..:)

Hi there ~*(^_^)*

How to order;
send us your details @
email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 017-3696845/ 013-3083792
official blogsite; 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

mixed deco for your own cutie cuppies~ *(^_^)*

Salam , dear all

Here's some ideas for your own cutie cuppies' decorations

You can choose any designs you like, perhaps you can submit us your own ideas 
for your own cuppies,
(buttercream or fondant)
pricing details depends on the topping/amounts and also the cuppies' flavours;

Cupcakes flavours available are;

1) red velvet + cream cheese cuppies
2) chocolate moist /choc choc chip
3) pandan 
4) oreo cheese cupcakes
5) blueberry
7) kiwi
8) vanilla butter etc..

Have a Nice day all,*(^_^)*

specially tribute for you with love from fieda's delight

How to order;
you can send us your details @
email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 017-3696845/ 013-3083792
blogsite; http://www.fiedafrieda.blogspot.com

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiramisu ~indulgence recipe for special dessert~*(^_^)*

Salam, dear all,

Today's entry is a special  scrumptious indulgence italian recipe for special dessert

or known as ~pick me up~
tiramisu is best served during tea time with coffee, when its cool..
yummylicious.cheesy....to tell you the truth, its simple yet very delicious,
thumbs up to the creator of the recipes , i'll recommend this to you..~You wont' regret it..*(^_^)*

here's the new product for fieda's delight

suitable for birthday cake  or exclusive gift for your beloved ones , garnished with fresh fruit , strawberry....*(^_^)~...

Here's the special dessert..

internal section~ with special finger biscuits~ yummy~

from members-sgt sedap, boleh order nie..jgn habiskan ..tunggu sy dtg..~(^_^)*

Have  A nice day,

To order, simply send your details here at:
email -friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845
blogsite; http://www.fiedafrieda.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Red velvet cuppies for my love ~(as, mira & dania & abg)

Salam,  dear all,

Happy Holiday all,
having last day for school holidays and SALES eve in everywhere  especially in shopping complex almost make me feels dizzy with the price tag..hahaha...:) it got me an intention to have some therapies as well...which is so called as .."SHOPPING"..even im not a shopaholic person at all..sometimes its worthwhile to do so..*(^_^)*..

Ok..stop bubbling..mumbling..whtsoever...blaa...bla..bla..so lets the pictures do the talking. .which are previous orders for this weekend and gifts to special ones as ,my love , mira & dania.

RED VELVET CUPCAKES  (cream cheese + buttercream topping)
ordered by As, for her love ones , 
blue theme color

set = 6pcs (1)
mix deco + red velvet cc +cream cheese + buttercream topping
specially made for mira & dania :)

set = 6pcs (2)
mix deco +red velvet cc+ cream cheese +buttercream topping 
wording -love 
specially made for my love..from. (****)

have  a nice day all,

tribute with love from fieda' delight
email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/ 017-3696845

Thursday, March 15, 2012

sweet blue & green mini cupcakes for Mrs Subha *(^_^)*

Salam , dear all,

thanks to my friends who helped me a lot especially in packing and decoration process of making these sweety mini cuppies

im happy seeing these cute lil cuppies,

Here's the outcomes; 
Sweet blue & green mini cuppies for Mrs Subha for wedding occasion , 
500pcs vanilla + choc cuppies +buttercream flavour :)

Thanks for ordering with us,Mrs Subha,
nice dealing with you *(^_^)*

comel sgt...*(^_^)*, thanks a lot fida :)

Have A nice day all,

email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday fati *(^_^)*

Salam , dear all,

last night, i made a suprise cupcakes for my sister's birthday gift,Nur Nasfati, 
i made 25 pcs red velvet cupcakes +cream cheese (3 1/4 oz size of souffle cup)

Red velvet cuppies (red theme color)

~may have longevity and prosperous life , good luck for your future undertaking

Hope you like them :)

Have A nice day all

email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blueberry cheese cake & strawberry cheese tart for Zatil Hidayah *(^_^)*

Salam, dear all

today's entry is a simple blueberry cheese cake & some strawberry cheese tarts as requested by my sister's friend, Zatil Hidayah, from UKM.

sImPle Blueberry Cheese Cake
*blueberry filling topping*

strawberry cheese tarts 

Hope YOU will like them dear :)
tq for ordering @ fieda's delight

Have a Nice day all,

email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exclusive wedding favor or gifts for your special guests *(^_^)*

Salam , dear all

Fieda's delight is having promotion for new launched products
*exclusive wedding favor or gifts *
specially for wedding day/birthday party etc..

Promotion included;
(transparent box /fancy box+ theme color ribbon+ cupcakes (M/L size)+sticker)

flavours of cupcakes available;
1) red velvet
2) chocolate chip cuppies
3) vanilla butter
4) blueberry/kiwi/strawberry 

size of cuppies ( size of souffle cup) ;
1)  4oz
2)    3 1/4 oz
3) 2  1/2 oz 

Pricing details;
1) 4oz size-RM5.00/paxx (any flavour)
2)3 1/4 oz  size-RM3.80/paxx (any flavour)
3) 2 1/2 oz size-RM 2.50/paxx (any flavour)

Minimum order;
10 paxx/10 boxes

Hurry, while promotions last :)

Kindly being informed, no delivery services provided. Self pick up only,.

Any inquiry, please dont hesistate to call/sms/email us;
contact; 013-3083792/017-3696845 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Hazman & Ana~ *(^_^)*

Salam, dear all
Today's entry is a red velvet cake requested for birthday party (Hazman & Ana), 
~romantic theme cake
~Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese & buttercream deco

Here's the outcome,

Hope you like it, thanks for ordering with us :)

Thanks bebanyak akak, ..ader amik tempahan LAIN buat cupcakes ke muffin ker? *(^_^)*


Have A nice day,

tribute from fieda's delight with love

email us; friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweet Pink Cupcakes Doorgift~Zaleha & Jamal *(^_^)*

Salam, dear all

*(^_^)*, hi again,
this entry is all about cupcakes as doorgift for Siti Zaleha & Jamal Wedding day,
sweet pink buttercream cupcakes with grey ribbon theme color~
with wording sticker _Terima Kasih< Zaleha & Jamal *(^_^)*
Congratulations on your wedding day dear, last but not least, may both of you live happily ever after. :) Barakallahulakuma..:)

2000pcs buttercream cuppies

Thanks for ordering with us
fieda's delight

Kek, & cupcakes sgt cantik, tqvm akak *(^_^)*

email us;friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845

Red Pink Theme Wedding cake ~Zaleha & Jamal~(^_^)*

Salam, dear all

Here's the wedding cake as requested by Siti Zaleha for her wedding day with Jamal

Congratulations dear :)

Red Pink Theme Wedding Cake
chocolate buttercream cake
~Wording (Jamal & Zaleha)

" kek & cupcakes nice and cantik, tq *(^_^)*

purplish cupcakes hantaran ~we're married (siti zaleha & jamal)

salam dear all,

i've been busying all these while, preparing some orders for siti zaleha & jamal on their wedding day,
congratulations for both of you dear,*(^_^)*

all are requested by siti zaleha , cupcakes, wedding cake & cupcakes for door gift which i'll insert later in next entry :)

Cupcakes for 'hantaran"

chocolate buttercream flavour
wording ~we're married
purplish theme color,

Hope you will like them :)

Have a nice day all,

contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845


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