Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Velvet 22nd Birthday Cake , Yoe

Salam dear All,

Latest update is a reddish cake or well known as Red Velvet Cake, 
ordered by Ms. Efa for Yoe on his 22nd Birthday ceremony

Here's the outcome,
1kg ++ Red Velvet Cake
simple deco, garnished with cream cheese + blueberry filling topping.

Happy 22nd Birthday Boy, dear Yoe..:)

(pic not really in quality since it captured by using hp)

Have A nice Day,

Other day , i made some extra cuppies for red velvet cakes with some left-over cream cheese inside the fridge. For Those who ever wondering what's really looks like in red velvet cream cheese cake, here's the result.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Open House Aidilfitri 2011~

Salam, dear ALL,

Last Sunday (25/09/11), we had organized an open house
 in conjuction with Eidul Fitri for the end month of Syawal  2011.
Here are some of candid photos being taken of my friends during the memorable and happy day; 
Enjoys ur days all..
credit to all the members who helped me a lot to prepare the ceremony and 
also thanks for all my friends, family members, neighbours for attending the ceremony. Thanks ALL :)

Its me with the neighbours' childrens :)
Main menus on that day; laksa penang, nasi ayam, bihun goreng, nasi impit, kuah kacang, 
deserts; corn pudding, choc moist cake, fresh fruits, keropok 

My former ex schoolmates and housemate

Thanks all for coming, Have A nice Day all,

fieda's delight

Thursday, September 22, 2011

simply seafood spaghetti ~

Salam dear All,
sorry for not updating the status for a long time, for this time being, im quite bz doing another works*(^_^)*

(lazy mode ^__-)

yesterday, i have a chance to made simple seafood spaghetti,
trying a new mode of fried spaghetti , instead of fried mi / vercimilli
(food therapy)

Here's the outcome;
Just have ur time trying this simple menu during ur leisure time,
subtitute with some seafood (fish cake, crab sticks, shrimp,octopus etc), fried them easily, nah..ready to be served...

Have  a NICE day all ;

Cooking With Love  and You Will taste the passion Of IT

fieda's delight
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Solok Lada Kelantan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Solok Lada Kelantan can be eaten with Nasi Kerabu as side dishes (one of the famous traditional dishes in Kelantan, Malaysia).

Here's the recipes for " Solok Lada Kelantan" as follow;

12 biji cili hijau (saiz sederhana)
seekor ikan kembung / 6-8 ekor ikan sardin -rebus ambil isinya
1 cawan kelapa parut putih
3-4 biji bawang putih
1 sudu teh lada hitam **(optional)**
1 1/2 cawan santan (ikut citarasa masing-masing)
sedikit kerisik (kelapa parut yag digoreng sehingga garing dan ditumbuk lumat)
Garam dan gula secukup rasa


  1. Cili hijau dibelah tengah dan dibuang bijinya dan rendam dalam air.
  2.   Kisarkan lada hitam,isi ikan dan bawang merah bersama kelapa parut putih. Tapi jangan terlalu lumat.
  3. Perasakan dengan garam dan gula.Campurkan dengan santan.
  4. Ambil cili yang telah di belah tadi dan sumbatkan bahan yang telah dikisarkan ke dalam cili. Buat hingga habis.
  5. Susunkan cili yang telah disumbat tadi ke dalam kukusan dan kukuskan sehingga masak dan cili kelihatan layu.
  6. Ready to be served.Enjoy ur meals.:)

Have A Nice Day ALL :)

fieda's delight

Salam Aidilfitri 2011 -choc Moist cake

Salam , dear All,
Salam Eid- Mubarak for all muslim & muslimah all around the world
Wish you all , have  joyful moments in your life and have a prosperous life :)

For this festive season, i only make a simple choc moist cake , lemang, rendang ayam (pic not included) and helping my family make nasi kerabu,one of the most famous food in kelantan with "Solok Lada"

Solok Lada
steamed chillies which incorporated with coconut milk, kerisik, mashed fish as (main ingredients)
~traditionally being eaten with nasi kerabu ( one of famous dishes in Kelantan, Malaysia)

Simple Choc Moist Cake 

~choc + buttercream ganache as topping

Have a Nice Day ALL

Salam Eid- Mubarak 1432,:)

Cooking With Love & You Will taste The passion Of IT :)
fieda's delight

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