Monday, October 18, 2010

cupcakes for u

* swirl cupcakes + choc nibs;
ordinary flavour;
-chocolate/vanilla/orange/strawberry etc...

-make sjer untuk sampling
*topping with fruits
**(habis kena ngap dulu....hehe)
-oreo choc+cupcakes

*kualiti gmbar tk berapa bagus ader yg pic hp.., semua designs terpulang kat customers nk...u choose ur own designs...nie just idea..sbb kadang2 ader yg tkder idea nk cupcakes cmner....k...
enjoys ur days..prices see at site kanan blog (HOW TO ORDER)

enjoys ur days...
if anything problems do contact me; fieda-0173696845/0193568434,

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheese cake /marble cheese cake brownies

Dear all,
Now we are accepting order for our new products:
(cheese cake/ marble cheese cake brownies..).

*(memang sodap....huhuhu..kejap jer habis....:)..nie buat untuk makan2 ...:)
pandangan sisi marble cheese cake brownies (version makan...:))
memang cheesey...yummy...kejap jer habis....:)

last but not my beloved friends ...member 's in the lab....

1) marble /plain cheese cake version oreo...:) 

Types of cheese cakes available:
1)oreo cheese cake-RM70
2)blueberry cheese/kiwi cheese cake- RM85
3) marble brownies cheese cake -RM 70

(*EXTRA charges for delivery & other decorations/topping etc..)
tertaluk pada harga barang mentah di pasaran..:)

UNTUK tempahan sila hubungi/sms fieda;0173696845 or email me;
haVe A nice DAY...


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