Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cheese cake /marble cheese cake brownies

Dear all,
Now we are accepting order for our new products:
(cheese cake/ marble cheese cake brownies..).

*(memang sodap....huhuhu..kejap jer habis....:)..nie buat untuk makan2 ...:)
pandangan sisi marble cheese cake brownies (version makan...:))
memang cheesey...yummy...kejap jer habis....:)

last but not my beloved friends ...member 's in the lab....

1) marble /plain cheese cake version oreo...:) 

Types of cheese cakes available:
1)oreo cheese cake-RM70
2)blueberry cheese/kiwi cheese cake- RM85
3) marble brownies cheese cake -RM 70

(*EXTRA charges for delivery & other decorations/topping etc..)
tertaluk pada harga barang mentah di pasaran..:)

UNTUK tempahan sila hubungi/sms fieda;0173696845 or email me;
haVe A nice DAY...

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