Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nasi Ayam a.k.a Chicken Rice

Salam,Dear all

Having a hectic weekend doing lots of work ,
surely wasn't enough for you to get only two days for rest..*(^_^)*.

Despite of having pleasure outside with friends,
i still love being at home,  getting back  to my
Doing New Project;
Last week, i did apple pie, just for coffee time..,and seemed really tasty treat in the evening.

Today, i'm having dinner with my housemates with our heavy meals -
CHICKEN untill finger licking good..hahaha...*(^_^)*

*(^_^)*,Here's the recipes as follows;

Ingredients-SOURCES- my mother;

Basic Ingredients;
1 ekor ayam (potong besar 12 bahagian)
4 cawan beras
5 ulas bawang putih (hiris nipis2/ketuk)
3 inci halia ( diketuk/racik halus2)
2 inci Kayu manis
2 biji buah pelaga
2 kuntum Bunga cengkih
3 kuntum Bunga Lawang  
2 helai daun pandan (disimpulkan)
2 ulas bawang merah (bombay)-potong halus2
4 sudu kicap (terpulang rasa masing-masing)
Garam+ gula
 Sedikit sos tiram
Serbuk kunyit/serbuk pewarna kuning makanan
Sedikit planta /marjerin
(Optional= nak lagi masak cepat + sedap, masukkan kiub ayam knorr)

1)Cara masak ayam goreng perap
1) Panaskan kuali dengan minyak dan tumiskan halia+ bawang merah+ bawah putih+ buah
pelaga+bunga lawang+ bunga cengkih+ kayu manis sehingga naik bau
2) Masukkan ayam yang telah dibasuh dan ditoskan airnya tadi ke dalam periuk
3) Tambahkan  air dan masakkan sehingga ayam separuh masak
4)Setelah ayam separuh masak, kuarkan ayam dan asingkan untuk diperap dan digoreng.
5) Air rebusan tadi seterusnya di gunakan untuk masak nasi ayam.
6) Ayam tadi diperap menggunakan sos tiram+ sedikit gula+ sedikit kicap+ sedikit garam+
bawang merah dan putih yang diracik+ sedikit halia
(untuk rasa lebih sedap, perap lebih kurang 1-2jam)
7) Selepas proses perapan berakhir, ayam digoreng dalam minyak panas (deep fry)
8) Ayam goreng siap untuk dihidangkan.

2) Cara untuk membuat Nasi Ayam;
1) Beras dibasuh sebanyak 3kali dan ditoskan airnya
2) Panaskan kuali dengan planta dan tumiskan bahan tumis seperti bawang merah+ halia+ kayu manis+ bunga lawang+ bunga cengkih sehingga naik bau
3) Masukkan beras tadi dan kacau sekata kemudian, masukkan air rebusan ayam tadi mengikut sukatan beras yang digunakan 
4) Masukkan daun pandan dan sedikit serbuk kunyit /pewarna kuning makanan untuk
menghasilkan warna nasi yang kuning.

3)Sambal kicap
5 sudu kicap manis
16 biji cili padi
2 ulas bawang putih
sedikit garam
sedikit cuka makan (untuk tambah rasa masam)
sedikit gula + garam

cara membuat sambal kicap / cili merah;
1)kisarkan 2 ulas bawang putih dan cili padi.
2) Campurkan bahan lain dan sebatikan dengan bahan kisar tadi (kicap+ cuka). Perasakan
dengan garam dan gula mengikut citarasa anda.

Sayur salad

Nasi Ayam a.k.a Chicken Rice ready to be served...*(^_^)*

Cooking With Love & yOU will taste the Passion Of IT

Have A nice Day  *(^_^)*V

Any Inquiry;
sms/call-fieda (013-3083792)


fieda's delight, contact us for details-fieda (013-3083792)
cooking with love *(^_^)*, HAVE A NICE DAY ALL...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Apple Pie for sweetie

Salam, dear all,
After  a long hectic days doing another jobs ,another OUR onlineshop,@  link-, 

I feel good to be at home especially
to be in the Kitchen, HAVING SOME THERAPY with food .
jUST like Bruno Mars' the Lazy SONG..

~Today im not feel like doing anything
I just want Wanna lay in my Bed
Don't Feel Like Pickin' Up my Phone
so Left A messages at the Tone
'cause Today I Swear i'm not  doin' anythin'....

Nothing at All...except baking An Apple Pie..hahaha...

I made my first attempt to do bake an apple pie
~Actually mixED fruit with apple + peach fruits which was left in a fridge
after 1 weeks ago.
At first i planned to make fruit tarts but seem always do the same things,
so...why not trying to do something NEW..AND..AT LAST HERE'S the result;


Garnished with blueberry filling + oreo crumbles

Really Sweet and Nice to be served with Coffee during coffee break~

Inside of the pie..really sweet..

Have a nice day all ..
tribute from fieda's delight with love

cooking with love, and u will taste the passion of it..



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