Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carrot Choc Cake for sunny day~

Salam Dear All,

Im coming coming home..tell the world that im coming home..*~(^_^)*
Welcome back to home , my dear friends Tina & Marina ..
Last days , i went to night market in Section 1 Bangi with my sis which situated  nearest to SHELL station,
when i was walking there, busying with the hustle bustle of crowded people there, i noticed something..*^_^**,
orange fresh CARROT...really cheap only RM1 per basket.(3-5 pcs of them), i thinks cheaper than buying at the shop near to my house..

CARROT enriched with vitamin A which is good for your eye sight *(^_^)*, really good as fresh salad, juice or even it can be eaten raw.

CARROT??,what am i going to do with the carrot??
at first i want to make it with popia but i changed my mind, why not trying with CARROT CAKE,?.

Yes, after doing some experiments since my friends don't eat vegetable, and my friends were at home, then i mixed and modified into a cake, so lets have a look at what we have here...
***garnished with Chocolate as topping, not cream cheese as usual topping***YUMMY *(^_^)V
~enjoy your meal as you enjoy the days~


*they enjoyed the cake very much,with soft and moist tender cakes,and yummilicious..**

 thats good technique if you have your children or your hubby which dont like to eat vegetables, *(^_~)V, dont give up, try to make something diffrent and creative,
you will see the unexpected results, good luck *(^_^)*,
perhaps carrot Pudding next entrY ..*(^_^)*

Wanna slice??? *(^_^)~

Notes; these cake also can be made as wedding cake /wedding gift/ birthday cake etc 
good choice flavour ~

Have a nice day

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Things to ponder when choosing your wedding cake *(^_^)*

Things to ponder when choosing your wedding cake~

What are the important criteria that suit your needs?

First of all, you have to consider many factors in choosing your wedding cake;
1) the pricing details (your budgets)
2) the availability of the baker
3)  numbers of invited guest
4) event's theme colour /designs

These are some useful and recommended tips for you to choose your wedding cake ;

1) Shape of the cakes;
You wedding cake can be round, rectangular, square, topsy turvy or hexagon shape. 

2) How about the constructions of the cakes?

Customers will ask about the setting of the cakes. You can choose the construction to the baker, whether to make it in tiered manner, stacked, or trying to make it simple just put some cupcakes around instead of displaying cakes . Perhaps, decorating with some fresh flowers around the displaying table, must be quite awesome indeed.

3) What is Your Favourite Flavours and Filling?

Mostly the customers will love to choose their own flavours for their cakes. Chocolate , carrot cake much better than plain sponge cake indeed. Having some extra filling inside surely tasty enough for your taste bud. Filling and frosting also have some consistency, icing outside and filling inside,as perfect match.

4) Butter cream or fondant topping?

Simple butter cream taste sweet and soft icing. Fondant is stiffer than buttercream yet sensitive to higher or lower temperature. (it is advisable to store your fondant cake in room temperature).

5) Your favourite wedding theme and designs

Give exact instructions to your baker about your wedding theme colours and decorations. Usually, it can be decorated with gum paste flowers, fresh flowers, or with some additions of fondant figurines to unleash the stunning look of the cakes. Perhaps, it better to be simple yet elegant. 

Hopefully, these useful tips can help you to choose your wedding cake 

Tribute with love, XOXO
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wedding Cake ~in memories

Salam Dear All,

We had moved into a new year in islamic Calender yesterday, Happy Awal- Muharram TO all muslimin and muslimah all aroud the world. Hopefully we had turn our life, by meaning turn into the new leaf
in improving our life to be better man, rather than lost in vain sacrified for nothing worthless.:)
Perhaps due to these school holidays, many wedding ceremony will be done during the school breaks in which involving a lots of helping hands to make them succesfully happened  indeed. :)

I still remember the last year's memory , while attended my BFF, ZANA.. wedding in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, helped her for her wedding ceremony , of course the best part is during solemnization moments , the food, the villagers and of course...the CAKE  :).
 I JUST REALIZED that the time went very fast , seemed she already delivered her new lil baby gurl early this month.. how sweet she is..congrates to you my dear Zana , new mother :)

Here's the pics that reminds me a lot about a picture captured thousands of words~
.with her 3 TIERED-simple wedding white buttercream vanilla butter cake *(^_^)*
and the maroon  bride & bridegroom..

**Official wedding ceremony

**The Making Of ~

**wEdding Gifts & Wedding Preparations~~

Engagement day~


** I really miss our joyful moments during in the university, wish you very very great days ahead with your new happy family..:)

Have a nice day all;

fieda's delight

Saturday, November 26, 2011

pink choc buttercream cuppies

Salam, dear all, pink..gurly pink..*(^_^)*,
Happy 1st Birthday to Aisya Danea, really nice name,really nice and sweet birthday theme, PINK.
Her mom , Mrs Linda from Semenyih requested 50pcs cuppies for her beloved daughter on her birthday party.

50pcs, choc pink buttercream cuppies for her lil daughter.

im really sad in term of capturing the pink moments,since the pictures shown below 
were in low quality only capture by using hp only 1.3megapixels~huhuhu. No camera for nice shoot, my sis used it for her field work purposes.Poor me. *(^_~)*. No nice arts shown for these awkward moments. Thats why if no camera, im not really in good mood of  having  food photoshoot eventhough accepting orders before these.*(^_~)* Sorry for those who didnt see their orders inside my blog. I hope you'll understand, yet, dont regret to order again.*(^_^)*

fondant figurines on top of cute cuppies

Anyway, tqvm Mrs Linda.
Hope your family like it.

Have A nice Weekend all

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Salam, dear all

My latest baking project is 'blueberry cheese cake' , before these im really common with oreo cheesecake,
Having new mood trying new things and new version, since there' so much blueberry filling and cream cheese leftover inside the fridge, 
To tell you the truth, inside the cake was really soft and moist inside it, indulge with blueberry filling on top of it, really make me feel calm and happy :*(^_~)*

simple deco with buttercream , served best during cool, its really cool *(^_^), 
i gave some of them to my neighbours, friends, my sister as well, and im glad they enjoyed them so much..thanks for the pleasure feedback.

walla~here's the outcomes

have a nice day all,

Cooking With Love & You Will Taste The Passion Of It~

wanna some??? *(^_~)*

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Orange Cake flavour for Happy Day *(^_^)*

Salam dear all,
Today's entry is a request from a  friend , which is an orange flavour cake for his  happy day. At first, he requested a plain sponge cake, but its common for me, then i suggested an orange cake which is one of my father's favourite cake too. Then he agreed, but one condition, he doesn't want the topping mixed with fresh fruit, orange yet buttercream topping is fine for him. How strange he is *(^_~)*, hahaha, but still ok for me as long as he satisfied with the cake, enjoy the great day with his family .

Ok, Here's the outcomes;
1 kg orange flavour cake
Free theme orange flavour cake + heavy buttercream topping + fondant wording. 
Enjoy the pictures.*(^_^)*

Hope you like it *(^_^)*

Have a nice day;

~Cooking with Love  

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Shushi theme cuppies

Salam dear all,

today's entry is my new baking project,shushi theme cuppies,
these special cuppies were blueberry flavour with blueberry filling inside them , which specially dedicated to my students in section -4 Bangi Tambahan. Hope you like them all. enjoy your days , *(^_^)*, 

Shushi theme cuppies as requested, :)

blueberry cuppies flavours

have a nice day all;

fieda's delight
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nasi Lemak di Musim Tengkujuh

Salam, dear all,

hari ini kiter bersiaran dalam BM, dalam musim2 hujan a.k.a tengkujuh, hujan yg renyai2 nie, sy merajinkan diri membuat nasi lemak sebagai juadah "brunch" sy merangkap juadah makan tgahari . Teringatkan daun pandan di luar rumah dan telur yang masih banyak di dapur ,sy buatla menu yang simple ni. Lagipun dah lama tak makan nasi lemak, sekali sekala bolehla sbb makanan berlemak nie tak boleh makan selalu, tak elok untuk kesihatan, apatah lagi nie makanan lemak bersantan.

Jom kiter tgk hasilnya, 
Nasi Lemak biasa , biasanya org akan suka makan ngan sambal ikan bilis goreng + kacang asing. 
Tapi fida lagi suka version ikan bilis halus goreng ngan sambal sekaligus. Terpulangla ikut cara masing-masing, yg penting sedap :)

InIla resepi biasa Nasi Lemak versi saya;

2 1/2 cwn beras (di basuhkan dan ditoskan)
1 biji kelapa (diperahkan dan diambil santannya)
1 inci halia (dihiris halus)
sedikit garam
2-4 helai daun pandan (dibersihkan & disimpulkan)
**Note; untuk masakan bersantan seeloknya bubuh sedikit garam untuk menambahkan rasa sedap lemak .

1) Basuhkan dan toskan beras. Tanakkan atas dapur dengan santan yang diperah tadi.
2) masukkan hirisan halia + sedikit garam + daun pandan ke dalam nasi + santan tadi.
3) Pastikan nasi dimasak dengan api sederhana kecil supaya tidak hangit bawah nasi nanti.
(kalau ader rice cooker lagi bagus, takpayah jaga api, just keep warm, insyaAllah masaklah nanti)

Sambal Ikan Bilis,

1) 100gm ikan bilis yang halus yang sudah dikopek (ikutla gred mana2 ikut kesukaan masing-masing)
***kalau nak goreng asing , gunakan ikan bilis saiz besar
**kalau nak sambal, better guna ikan bilis kecil / halus ,sebb lagi lembut.
2) 15 biji cili kering (dikisarkan)- nak pedas lagi lebihkan.
3) 5 ulas bawang merah (dikisarkan)
4) 2 ulas bawang putih (dikisarkan)
5) 1 inci halia (dikisarkan)
6) satu keping asam gelugur/asam keping
7) secubit belacan
8) garam, gula secukup rasa

Cara-cara membuat;
1) Kisarkan semua bahan yang perlu dikisar. Ketepikan
2) Basuhkan dan bersihkan ikan bilis yang telah dikopek.
3) Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan bahan sambal sehingga pecah minyak dan naik bau. Kemudian letakkan ikan bilis + belacan + belacan.
4) Masak sehingga ikan bilis agak2 lembut untuk dimakan.Perasakan dengan garam,gula secukup rasa.

***ader sesetengah org , ikan bilis dan kacang goreng  hanya digoreng sahaja**

(pic tk berapa pro-kena belajar lagi*sy budak baru belajar*)

timun yang dihiris halus-halus

Telur rebus;
4 biji (terpulang ikut citarasa)

**rebuskan dalam air mendidih selama 15 minit , sehingga betul2 masak, setelah masak, sejukkan sebentar sebelum dibuang kulit & dipotong unutuk dihidangkan bersama nasi lemak **

santapan ini enak dimakan dengan kopi panas, sewaktu makan sarapan, tengahari ataupun malam bersama
hidangan sampingan lain spt, (sambal sotong/ sambal goreng ayam/ telur masak kerbau/ daging masak kicap etc..)*(^_^)*
selamat mencuba . 

Have A nice day

Cooking with Love & You will taste the Passion Of IT


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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nasi KERABU sempena Eid-Adha

Salam dear all,
here's the Nasi Kerabu dishes that i made earlier during Eid- Adha for our family;
famous dishes in Kelantan in stead of Laksam :)

here's are the recipes;


3 cawan nasi
3 helai daun pandan
10 kuntum bunga nasi kerabu @ pewarna biru/kuning


1) basuh beras seperti biasa. kemudian masukkan bunga nasi kerabu untuk mewarnakannya.(biru) atau bubuh pewarna biru,

2) Gunakan 2 titik perwarna untuk 2 cawan nasi. jangan guna perwarna terlalu banyak kerana ia boleh merosakkan warna nasi.

Tips ; 
1) untuk menambahkan sedikit haruman pada nasi, letakkan daun limau purut atau daun pandan. pastikan daun limau purut atau daun pandan di koyak dengan menggunakan

budu secukup rasa
2 cawan santan
2 biji bawang merah
1 ulas bawang putih
10 tangkai cili kering(direndam dengan air panas)
(fida guna budu dalam botol sahaja-jimatkan masa)

cara :
1) kisar bawang putih, bawang merah, cili kering, santan dan juga budu. 
2) kemudian panaskan dia atas api sehingga santan hampir pecah minyak.


4 cawan kelapa goreng (di goreng sehingga keperangan)
4ekor ikan kembung @ selar (di rebus)-lagi banyak ikan lagi sedap
5 biji bawang merah (kisarkan)
1 bawang putih (kisarkan)
5 batang serai (kisarkan)-lagi wangi
garam dan gula secukup rasa (lagi manis lagi sedap)

cara :
1) buang tulang ikan yang di rebus. kemudian campurkan ikan tadi ke dalam
kelapa yang telah di goreng. 
2) kemudian masukkan bawang merah + bawang putih+ serai yang dikisarkan halus bersama garam dan gula secukup rasa.
3) kemudian goreng semua bahan tadi sehingga warna kekuningan.

untuk bahan kerabu,
anda boleh gunakan pelbagai ulaman seperti

bunga kantang
kacang panjang
timun batang

1) bahan2 ini kemudiannya di hiris halus
untuk di hidangkan bersama nasi kerabu.

makan nasi kerabu bersama daging bakar, atau ayam koreng kunyit. 
boleh juga ditambah keropok keping

selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha :)

Nasi Kerabu With Ayam Percik~ Walla...YUMMY...*(^_~)*

fieda's delight
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Caramel cake for Eid-Adha (2011)

Salam , dear all
Happy Eid-Adha for all muslimin & muslimat all over the world
last night, i made caramel cake which is well known in baker bloggers,
specially made for my family in my hometown

caramel cake is actually caramel pudding on the top of it + just like marble cake on the bottom of it.
the making of this cake actually not really hard if u have lots of  patience on it and passion to make it:)

i also made our main dishes during Eid Adha that so called ' Nasi Kerabu' as our heavy dishes
 which i will update in next entry,
Nasi Kerabu is a famous dishes in Kelantan  in stead of Laksam which i updated last entry. The dishes
contains a lot of vegetables /(ulam) which is healthy food to the people who cares about their health.:)

Here's the outcomes;

caramel cake  in my version (steamed caramel cake)

have a nice day all ,even though in these raining season *(^_~)*

Cooking with love and you will taste the passion of it

fieda's delight
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ronan Keating - Superman

im no superman...but i love u the best i can,

thanks all for supporting me all this while...:)


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