Sunday, November 20, 2011

Orange Cake flavour for Happy Day *(^_^)*

Salam dear all,
Today's entry is a request from a  friend , which is an orange flavour cake for his  happy day. At first, he requested a plain sponge cake, but its common for me, then i suggested an orange cake which is one of my father's favourite cake too. Then he agreed, but one condition, he doesn't want the topping mixed with fresh fruit, orange yet buttercream topping is fine for him. How strange he is *(^_~)*, hahaha, but still ok for me as long as he satisfied with the cake, enjoy the great day with his family .

Ok, Here's the outcomes;
1 kg orange flavour cake
Free theme orange flavour cake + heavy buttercream topping + fondant wording. 
Enjoy the pictures.*(^_^)*

Hope you like it *(^_^)*

Have a nice day;

~Cooking with Love  

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