Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things to ponder when choosing your wedding cake *(^_^)*

Things to ponder when choosing your wedding cake~

What are the important criteria that suit your needs?

First of all, you have to consider many factors in choosing your wedding cake;
1) the pricing details (your budgets)
2) the availability of the baker
3)  numbers of invited guest
4) event's theme colour /designs

These are some useful and recommended tips for you to choose your wedding cake ;

1) Shape of the cakes;
You wedding cake can be round, rectangular, square, topsy turvy or hexagon shape. 

2) How about the constructions of the cakes?

Customers will ask about the setting of the cakes. You can choose the construction to the baker, whether to make it in tiered manner, stacked, or trying to make it simple just put some cupcakes around instead of displaying cakes . Perhaps, decorating with some fresh flowers around the displaying table, must be quite awesome indeed.

3) What is Your Favourite Flavours and Filling?

Mostly the customers will love to choose their own flavours for their cakes. Chocolate , carrot cake much better than plain sponge cake indeed. Having some extra filling inside surely tasty enough for your taste bud. Filling and frosting also have some consistency, icing outside and filling inside,as perfect match.

4) Butter cream or fondant topping?

Simple butter cream taste sweet and soft icing. Fondant is stiffer than buttercream yet sensitive to higher or lower temperature. (it is advisable to store your fondant cake in room temperature).

5) Your favourite wedding theme and designs

Give exact instructions to your baker about your wedding theme colours and decorations. Usually, it can be decorated with gum paste flowers, fresh flowers, or with some additions of fondant figurines to unleash the stunning look of the cakes. Perhaps, it better to be simple yet elegant. 

Hopefully, these useful tips can help you to choose your wedding cake 

Tribute with love, XOXO
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