Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding cake ~for Khairul & Khadijah

Salam dear all,
here's the wedding cake *kek hantaran* same theme as previous entry

~Selamat Pengantin Baru ~
dear Khairul & Khadijah

semoga berbahagia sehingga anak cucu

~really excited when i made this cake because of the color,loved shape, 
chocolate flavoured wedding cake with blueberry filling+ buttercream topping
 soft sweet color like royal wedding color.
hope you like it dear, 
Have a nice day all

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Khairul & Khadijah *(^_^)*

Salam dear all,

Congratulations on your wedding day 
dear Khairul  & Khadijah 
(semoga berbahagia sehingga anak cucu :))

Special ordered from Khadijah's bestfriend,Emy for her perfect day
with kek hantaran ' which i'll show you in the next entry**

**Chocolate cake + buttercream topping**
yellow & White theme wedding cake
2-tiered buttercream chocolate cake

Upper ~Cake 

Bottom ~cake

Commisioned to Emy for her bestfriend's wedding day.
TQVM dear.

Have A nice day all,

fieda's delight
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy 51st birthday Ayah *(^_^)*

Salam dear all, 

Happy becoming birthday Ayah,
You will become 51 years old tomorrow,ayah on 28th of December 2011,
I made marble chocolate orange cake as it will be delivered by bus this night as a gift from us, your children .
Since my lil sister will go back to hometown after a long school holiday here by bus, we take this opportunity 
to wish Ayah, Happy Birthday ..
**semoga panjang umur , dimurahkan rezeki dan sihat selalu, dari kami anak mu di Bangi nie**

Here's hot cake out from the oven:
your favourite cake
**Marble Chocolate Orange Cake**, only fresh orange fruit and chocolate ganache on top of it, without buttercream topping.:)
-our dad doesn't like sweet things so i just made plain cake.

Marble chocolate Orange Cake

Have a nice day all
fieda's delight
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rendang Udang

Salam & Hi all,

Today's entry is simple dishes that i made for lunch which is Rendang again >>:),
but this time is prawn or shrimp , subtitute with chicken .:)
the recipes is the same as the previous entry for Rendang Ayam.

Since , my sibling loves to ate them, so i made it twice for today's lunch.
**Rendang Udang**(^_^)*

Have a nice day all

Rendang Udang

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Happy 14th Birthday on Christmas Day, P-qah

Salam & Hi all,
today is my lil sis birthday..25th of December 2011, same day as Christmas Day, 2 event in same day :)
happy birthday dear my lil sister, Nur Afiqah Ismail (P-qah) 
may your life cherished with happiness and have prosperous life,
good luck for your next PMR exam, next year , 2012.

Birthday gurl's cake 

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you...
hAPPY bIRTHDAY to you...happy you..*(^_^)*.

Choc Moist Cake 
2kg ++
with choc ganache as topping and little figurine fondant (cute flowers and little duckling duck)..:)

Have A nice day ALL

fieda's delight
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Rendang Ayam for Birthday Party

Salam & Hi all,

Merry Christmas to my friends whose celebrating this eve outside there, Happy Birthday to my dear lil sister, Nur Afiqah on her 14th birthday girl. May your life cherished with happiness and good luck for your future undertaking. Wish you have prosperous and longevity life.

As for her birthday party, i just made simple dishes which is 'sambal udang' and also traditional malay dishes (Rendang Ayam) which is from my mother's version. As birthday cake, she requested to make choc moist cake which i'll show you in the next entry.*(^_^)*

Here's the dishes;

Rendang Ayam;
Ingredients. (Resepi)

1)separuh ekor ayam (dipotong kecil, dibersihkan dan ditoskan)
2) 3 ulas bawang bombay (saiz besar)**
3) 5 ulas bawang putih**
4) 1 inci halia**
5) sedikit lengkuas**
6) 2 batang serai**
7) 15 biji cili kering (dipotong , direbus dan ditoskan)**
8) sebiji kelapa (separuh  dapatkan santannya-2 cwn)
9) separuh kelapa parut (digoreng & ditumbuk bagi mendapatkan kerisik)
10) sehelai daun kunyit
11) 2 helai daun limau purut
12)1 asam keping
13) garam /gula/kunyit/ajinomoto (perasa secukupnya)

Cara membuatnya;
1) Perapkan ayam selama 30 minit dengan garam dan kunyit dan gorengkan separuh masak . Ketepikan sementara.
2) Kisarkan bahan bertanda ** . Panaskan minyak dan tumis semua bahan bertanda yang dikisar** sehingga pecah minyak dan naik bau.
3) Setelah bahan tumisan pecah minyak, masukkan ayam yang digoreng separuh masak tadi dan gaul ke dalam bahan tumisan.
4) Masukkan asam keping, dan santan dan gaul sebati .Kacau sehingga hampir kering.
5) Apabila santan hampir kering, masukkan daun kunyit, daun limau purut yang dihiris halus dan kerisik.Kacau lagi sehingga masak dan betul2 kering.
6) Perasakan dengan garam, gula, ajinomoto secukup rasa.
4) Siap sedia untuk dihidangkan ketika masih panas. Sedap dimakan dengan nasi impit, kuah kacang, roti jala etc.

Merry Christmas (Selamat Hari Natal ) and Happy Holiday to all

fieda's delight
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wanna some popcorn?? *(^_^)*V

Salam and good evening all,

Having a great day even in rainy day , especially after had a good relief knowing my students got flying colors in PMR results .The best part is surely i've forgotten some hectic moments for these while.

Congratulations to the 2011's PMR  candidates which got flying colors, straight A's  for all subjects  in their results. Good luck in your future undertaking, next SPM .*(^_^)*

Perhaps i will  share with you some celebrations with these simple recipe of homemade popcorn.
Really good appetite for those who loved to care about their bodyweights and also perfect snack during watching movies at home..:)

Here's the simple homemade recipes.

1 cup of corn / maize seeds (i used Carrefour Brand)
2 tbs of margerine 
3 tbs of sugar (for caramel sugar)
1 tbs of water
pot with stopper /cover

1) Heat up the pot on the stove with low heat .
2) Put 1 tbs of margerine in the heated pot, then pour 1 cup of corn seeds in it. Cover the pot with stopper.Leave it awhile until all the seeds pop-out (in the pot). Do not open the stopper.
3)Then put out all the popcorn to another bowl . Set aside for awhile.
4) Meanwhile, make the caramel sugar in other pot, (Cook the sugar until become brown in color and some water in it).
5) Pour the popcorn immediately into the caramel sugar and mix all of them with spatula.
6) The popcorn are ready to be served.*(^_^)*

enjoy your snack, Have a Nice day ALL *(^_^)*

fieda's delight
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Choosing the right colour for your perfect wedding cake

How to capture your moments in wedding cake?

How's your day?
What is your preferable wedding cake's colour?

How does it looks like?
its depends on you;


Royal Yellow


Gold Yellow

or perhaps, VIBRANT colors *(^_^)*

(pics shown above are some of my favourite collections,which i made and also my references)**

Tips; Choose two tones colors (soft and vibrant colors) and maxs 3 different colors for perfect choice instead of having lots of colors .

Tribute with love, XOXO
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Congratulations & Happy Birthday Dear sweetie *(^_^)*

Salam and Hi all,
Rainbow cake here...rainbow cake there...
really nice cake with colourful vibrant colors as colourful of our life.
Yesterday, i met my students and they asked me to make a rainbow cake for her niece in section-7, Bandar Baru Bangi as suprise gift for having flying colors in her previous UPSR's exam, straight 5As. I've been told 
by them that on next monday (12/12/11) , her niece will be turn to 12th years old.What a coincidence.:)

Anyway, Happy Birthday gurl , may your life cherished with happiness ;

Well done and congratulations my dear.*(^_^)*

Here's the rainbow cake inside (blue+gree+red+orange color) with buttercream topping as deco.
I just made plain vanilla flavour as requested. :)
Enjoy your cake as you enjoy the victory. *(^_^)*

rainbow vanilla cake (i can't show you the internal section since its an order) *(^_^)*

buttercream deco

Have A nice day ALL

~tq cikgu , sangat sedap !!!*^_^*

fieda's delight
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jamuan @ Desa Putra , Bangi

Salam, dear all,
Today's entry is all about some malay traditional dishes (talam keladi, bingka ubi), choc moist cakes and some fresh fruit tart , ordered by Mr. X (forget his name) for his event @ Desa Putra, Bangi.

Lets see all the orders , tqvm.*(^_^)*

Talam Keladi (Yam flavoured dishes)

**i'll share the recipes in next entry *(^_^)*

 Kuih Bingka Ubi Kayu

**recipes??? next entry ya..:)

Fresh Fruit Custard Tart

filled with choc ganache

Last but not least
Choc Moist Cake (CMC)

TQVM..Mr. X, hope your family like it,*(^_^)*

alhamdullilah, terima kasih banyak-banyak ,boleh order lagi??

Have A nice Day
fieda's delight
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Talam Pandan Hijau

Salam Dear All,
I got a call yesterday from one of my friends, he asked me to make a traditional malay dishes , Kuih Talam
Keladi, purplish yam flavoured talam, i remembered last time when i ate these sort of dishes during my friend's kenduri kahwin/wedding last year. *(^_^)*, i only can said, i will try to make it as i can., to serve you the best that i can...

Perhaps, i tried to make talam pandan first as our desert/ breakfast at home;
(screwpine flavoured Talam)**
Bahan-bahan Resepi Kuih Talam Pandan Cara Kukus;
(adunan yang agak banyak)

Lapisan Bawah (Bahan B)/ Lower Layer
1 1/2 cwn gula (1 1/2 cups of sugar )
2 1/4 cwn tepung beras (2 1/4 cups of rice flour)
1/3 cwn tepung gandum (1/3 cups of plain flour)
5 1/2 cwn air pandan (10 helai daun pandan)/ 5 1/2 cups of screwpine extract water
**Potong kecik-kecik daun pandan dan masakkan atas dapur sampai mendidih, dan ambik airnya.
sedikit pewarna hijau/ some drops of green colors ( i used green apple color)
(kalau nak rasa lebih lemak,gantikan air dengan santan , sure lemak berkrim *^_^*)

Lapisan Atas (Bahan A) / Upper Layer
1/3 cwn tepung beras (1/3 cups of rice flour)
3 cwn santan =1 biji kelapa /santan 'KARA' kotak  (3 cups of coconut milk from which is almost 1 coconut)
4 tbs tepung jagung (4tbs of corn flour)
1 tsp garam (1tsp of salt)

Cara-cara masak talam pandan / Method;

B) Lapisan Bawah (kukus & masak lapisan bawah dulu) (steamed the lower layer first)

1) Campurkan kesemua bahan-bahan B dan gaul sehingga sebati. Blend pun boleh supaya tidak berketul.
**mix all of B ingredients altogether .dont blend it.
2) Kacau bahan yang dah digaul atas api perlahan-lahan sehingga wap naik dan tidak berketul .
***cooked them for a while until evaporated
3) Kemudian, tuangkan ke dalam loyang beralaskan plastik dengan penapis (supaya adunan  berketul terperangkap) dan kukus selama 25 minit.
**Pour into the springform which is layered with plastic wrapper at the bottom of it . filtered the mixture and steamed them for about 25 mins.

A) Lapisan Atas (Upper layer)
1) Satukan semua bahan-bahan A dan kacau sebati (jgn blend ,tkut nanti biler masa permukaan atas merekah dan tidak cantik)
**Mix all the A ingredients altogether.
2) Masukkan ke dalam periuk dan kacau atas api secara perlahan-lahan.***(optional)
**Cook them for a while until evaporated.
3) Kemudian, tuangkan di atas acuan B(lapisan bawah)  dengan penapis yang sudah siap dikukus tadi. Kukus selama 40 minit.
**Then, pour onto the lower layered by using filter and steam them until cooked for about 40mins

After cooked, let them cool inside fridge and set first, then ready to be served during tea/coffee time. *(^_^)*

Rasa???..walla,,memang sedap makan biler kuar dari peti sejuk, potong2 dan telan :)
i prefer to eat during it was cool...really cool...(^_^)V
Have a nice day all,

fieda's delight
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carrot Choc Cake for sunny day~

Salam Dear All,

Im coming coming home..tell the world that im coming home..*~(^_^)*
Welcome back to home , my dear friends Tina & Marina ..
Last days , i went to night market in Section 1 Bangi with my sis which situated  nearest to SHELL station,
when i was walking there, busying with the hustle bustle of crowded people there, i noticed something..*^_^**,
orange fresh CARROT...really cheap only RM1 per basket.(3-5 pcs of them), i thinks cheaper than buying at the shop near to my house..

CARROT enriched with vitamin A which is good for your eye sight *(^_^)*, really good as fresh salad, juice or even it can be eaten raw.

CARROT??,what am i going to do with the carrot??
at first i want to make it with popia but i changed my mind, why not trying with CARROT CAKE,?.

Yes, after doing some experiments since my friends don't eat vegetable, and my friends were at home, then i mixed and modified into a cake, so lets have a look at what we have here...
***garnished with Chocolate as topping, not cream cheese as usual topping***YUMMY *(^_^)V
~enjoy your meal as you enjoy the days~


*they enjoyed the cake very much,with soft and moist tender cakes,and yummilicious..**

 thats good technique if you have your children or your hubby which dont like to eat vegetables, *(^_~)V, dont give up, try to make something diffrent and creative,
you will see the unexpected results, good luck *(^_^)*,
perhaps carrot Pudding next entrY ..*(^_^)*

Wanna slice??? *(^_^)~

Notes; these cake also can be made as wedding cake /wedding gift/ birthday cake etc 
good choice flavour ~

Have a nice day

email me for the pricing details;
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Things to ponder when choosing your wedding cake *(^_^)*

Things to ponder when choosing your wedding cake~

What are the important criteria that suit your needs?

First of all, you have to consider many factors in choosing your wedding cake;
1) the pricing details (your budgets)
2) the availability of the baker
3)  numbers of invited guest
4) event's theme colour /designs

These are some useful and recommended tips for you to choose your wedding cake ;

1) Shape of the cakes;
You wedding cake can be round, rectangular, square, topsy turvy or hexagon shape. 

2) How about the constructions of the cakes?

Customers will ask about the setting of the cakes. You can choose the construction to the baker, whether to make it in tiered manner, stacked, or trying to make it simple just put some cupcakes around instead of displaying cakes . Perhaps, decorating with some fresh flowers around the displaying table, must be quite awesome indeed.

3) What is Your Favourite Flavours and Filling?

Mostly the customers will love to choose their own flavours for their cakes. Chocolate , carrot cake much better than plain sponge cake indeed. Having some extra filling inside surely tasty enough for your taste bud. Filling and frosting also have some consistency, icing outside and filling inside,as perfect match.

4) Butter cream or fondant topping?

Simple butter cream taste sweet and soft icing. Fondant is stiffer than buttercream yet sensitive to higher or lower temperature. (it is advisable to store your fondant cake in room temperature).

5) Your favourite wedding theme and designs

Give exact instructions to your baker about your wedding theme colours and decorations. Usually, it can be decorated with gum paste flowers, fresh flowers, or with some additions of fondant figurines to unleash the stunning look of the cakes. Perhaps, it better to be simple yet elegant. 

Hopefully, these useful tips can help you to choose your wedding cake 

Tribute with love, XOXO
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