Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wanna some popcorn?? *(^_^)*V

Salam and good evening all,

Having a great day even in rainy day , especially after had a good relief knowing my students got flying colors in PMR results .The best part is surely i've forgotten some hectic moments for these while.

Congratulations to the 2011's PMR  candidates which got flying colors, straight A's  for all subjects  in their results. Good luck in your future undertaking, next SPM .*(^_^)*

Perhaps i will  share with you some celebrations with these simple recipe of homemade popcorn.
Really good appetite for those who loved to care about their bodyweights and also perfect snack during watching movies at home..:)

Here's the simple homemade recipes.

1 cup of corn / maize seeds (i used Carrefour Brand)
2 tbs of margerine 
3 tbs of sugar (for caramel sugar)
1 tbs of water
pot with stopper /cover

1) Heat up the pot on the stove with low heat .
2) Put 1 tbs of margerine in the heated pot, then pour 1 cup of corn seeds in it. Cover the pot with stopper.Leave it awhile until all the seeds pop-out (in the pot). Do not open the stopper.
3)Then put out all the popcorn to another bowl . Set aside for awhile.
4) Meanwhile, make the caramel sugar in other pot, (Cook the sugar until become brown in color and some water in it).
5) Pour the popcorn immediately into the caramel sugar and mix all of them with spatula.
6) The popcorn are ready to be served.*(^_^)*

enjoy your snack, Have a Nice day ALL *(^_^)*

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