Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Runaway Special Edition S.E 2011 (Ayu's Wedding Cake)

Salam dear All,
After a long time not updating any status, here's latest entry, a big project called Project Runaway Special Edition 2011 specially designed for Ayu's wedding ceremony (27/3/11).

Why It's Called as Project Runaway Special Edition 2011?

Frankly,its such a long story to tell you of whats really happened on that day of ceremony or even during the day of making the cake.*(^_^)*.Its happened very quick, during the day of making the big project, i was really excited to do what we had planned before,(to make chocolate cake layered by cheese cake and blueberry filling) as requested by Ayu, eventhough i know, its impossible to do such cake especially when its used fondant as topping because it will turn the cake to disaster view .

She asked me to tried,eventhough its impossible to do,eventhough i tried many times to modify the ingredients,;adding some flours to make it firm but its still cant be done because it will destroy even  if layered by the choc cake. Worst come to worst, eventually, i just make up my mind, to do best cake without cheese which is CHOCOLATE MOIST CAKE TOPPING WITH FONDANT.NO MORE CHEESE.

I changed all the plan using the same cheese ingredients by make it as smally cheese cuppies which much easier, without wasting our time and efforts.

***Moral of the story 1;
Usually we make the wedding cake by using chocolate cake/mix fruit cake (firm cake) which can withstand with fondant topping .You cannot use cheese solely by its self for that purposes unless you are mixing it with the cakes (marble chocolate cheese cake) which u already modifying the textures of the cakes.(EXPERTS SAYS).

**The cheese itself must be stored in cold temperature to maintain the texture availability.*(^_^)*.

Here's all the results after the long hectic days *(^_^)*

3 Tiers Fondant Chocolate Cakes + Fondant Cheese Cuppies

In the making of fruit tartlets for *hantaran/WEDDING GIFT* also have different stories.During the day of making cakes and tartlets, i supposed to check the fruit conditions first , which i bought it last week*,before using it as decorations. Due to hectic days, i forgot to check inside the fridge, and as i expected, the strawberries had rotten inside the fridge .(-_ -) , what to do now??? No strawberries!!!. I changed my plan and have to find other fresh strawberries from market the next day just to fulfill the bride's wishes.

Early on the day of ceremony, my friends and i departed earlier to find some fresh strawberries in any open market.Lastly, we find *Pasar Pagi -chinese market at Sungai Buluh,selangor, which is nearest to the wedding's area. Fortunately, the seller's said there's still have one more pack of strawberries left to be sold. Luckily, we found the strawberries after a long journey from Bangi to Sungai Buluh, just to find the STRAWBERRIES..*(^_^)*.

Sound ridiculous,but thats the fact.Then, quickly, we start decorating the tartlets at the back of our cars at that in front of the market .Luckily we brought all the apparatus to make the things happened very quick and complete.Fuhhh!!!!.At Last We Made It..*(^_^)*.

***Moral Of the Story 2-
If you want to make fruit tartlet /fruit topping, it is advisable to buy the fresh fruit before the day you want to make that things/tartlet/ckes .Freshness is compulsary if you want to maintain the quality of your outcome products.

Here's the outcome fruit cheese tartlets;

thats why its called;

All the people which attended the ceremony completely amused,excited with the delightful and unique cakes especially the bride and bridegroom. I'm really glad because the bride's wishes become true.
Hopefully , YouR life will be cherished with happiness and love.*(^_^)*

left over fondants make it these kind of present cake ~same theme as my clothes like above pic ~

Enjoy ur days;*(^_^)*
fieda's delight
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