Thursday, June 28, 2012


Salam, dear all

Hola...GOOd Evening to all,
I feel really blessed today, settle down some works makes me feel hungry..
having some coconut milk in the fridge and chicken, with screwpine leaves makes me wonder...*(^_^)* what am i going to cook today???

i just cook  simple dishes which is famous in Kelantan and Terengganu which is ;

"Ayam Percik"


A) Ayam

1) 1 ekor ayam  (dipotong sederhana , dibersihkan, dilumurkan garam ,kunyit , dan halia  yang ditumbuk , perap 15 minit sebelum dipanggang)
***Nak belah 8 pun boleh. terpulang ikut citarasa. sederhana kecil saiz lagi cepat masak.
2) daun kunyit (balut ayam ) semasa dipanggang-menaikkan aroma bau ayam.Kalau takda boleh gantikan dengan daun pisang pun boleh.

B) Bahan membuat KUAH PERCIK;

1) 1 biji kelapa parut-daptkan santan pekat & cair. (boleh digantikan dengan satu tin susu sejat)
2) seinci lengkuas-dikisar
3) seinci kunyit hidup-dikisar
4) 3 batang serai -diketuk
5) 3 biji bawang merah-dikisar
6) 5 ulas bawang putih -dikisar
7) 3 sudu tepung jagung+ air (bancuhan air tepung jagung)
8) 3 sudu besar cili boh (cili giling)-nak bagi warna agak merah boleh tmbh lebih
9) 2 helai daun pandan -menaikkan bau
10) garam gula ajinomoto secukup rasa
11) 1 keping asam gelugor
11) sedikit minyak untuk menumis.

Cara-cara membuat;
1) Panggangkan ayam sehingga masak (boleh di dalam oven atau atas dapur arang)-terpulang. Ketepikan.
Untuk membuat kuah percik;
2) Panaskan minyak dalam kuali dan tumiskan bahan yang dikisar dan cili boh sehingga naik bau dan pecah minyak. 
3) Masukkan santan kelapa yang cair dan kacau sebati .Masukkan asam gelugur .Kacau jangan berhenti sehingga kuah separuh pekat.
4) Masukkan daun pandan diikuti santan pekat , dan air bancuhan tepung jagung. Perasakan dengan garam, gula & ajinomoto secukup rasa. Kacau sehingga kuah betul2 likat dan pekat.
5) Kuah percik sedia untuk dihidangkan dan dituangkan atas ayam yang siap dipanggang.

6) Ayam percik sedia untuk dihidangkan.

Selamat Mencuba, *(^_^)*
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red velvet cake ~si baldu merah ~

Salam, dear all,

Hola , im here update the second entry about red velvet cake :), 
This cake i made specially tribute to my dear neighbours and also my beloved friends,family and beloved ones  with love , that always supports my career and also my business. 

Tribute from Fieda's delight with  love ..XOXO..
, enjoy the cakes as you enjoy your days ahead...

Red velvet with cream cheese topping & fresh strawberry as decorations..:)

Have a nice day all :)
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Red velvet cupcakes ~*(^_^)*

Salam , dear all

Today's entry is an order by dear student, Aisyah from UKM,
she ordered some red velvet cupcakes with simple decorations, and also others for my beloved neighbours

Here's the order, dear,
good luck for your next practical session :)

Red velvet cupcakes
(for dear Aisyah)

some others for my beloved neighbours that supported me a lot especially giving me chances to live in caring and harmony neighbourhood .*(^_^)*, love you all :)

Thanks a lot for ordering with us @ Fieda's delight

Have a nice day all, *(^_^)*
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Spaghetti With Meatballs & Tomato Sauce~

Salam , dear all

Monday again...*(^_^)*
Hola...i'm here again with  a big smile , presenting to you a simple and quick recipes that i used to share and cook for my family & friends (suitable for dinner or lunch meal)...

Spaghetti with Meatballs & Tomato Sauce

1) 350g spaghetti (any Halal Brand)

For the meatballs;
1) 400g minced beef (i used RAMLY brand)

For the tomato sauce;
1) 1 tin of tomato puree (i used Kimball brand)
2) 1 clove of garlic 
3) 3 shallots
4) 4 tbs of cooking oil
5) 2 tomatoes , diced into cubes
6) 3 tbs of tomato sauce
7) salt& some blackpepper
8) 1/2 tsp of sugar
9) some oregano flavours (i uses McCormick brand)
10) Fresh parsley , to garnish
11) some water (to make the gravy)

Prep & cook time; 40 min (serves for 2-3 persons)

1) Form small balls of the minced beef. Set aside.

2) For the tomato sauce, finely chop the garlics and the garlics. Fry in hot cooking oil and stir the tomato puree , followed by chopped tomatoes. Simmer gently for about 15 minutes with water. Then put in the meatballs, tomato sauce . Season with salt, pepper, sugar and oregano flavours. Cook until all the meatballs are soft enough.
3) Cook the spaghetti in boiling , salted water according to instructions on the packet.
4) Lastly, drain the spaghetti and divide onto plates, spoon some of the tomato sauce and sprinkle with chopped fresh parsley . Spaghetti ready to be served.

Enjoy your days,dear..*(^_^)*

Have a nice day, all *(^_^)*
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Pulut Mangga~

Salam, dear all,

Its really hot outside, today's entry is special dessert that i made yesterday just to have something different than usual.

Glutinous rice with mango and coconut milk.~ simple yet perfect dessert for perfect evening

Usually this kind of dessert can be eaten with Durian fruit rather than mangoes. Simply reminds me about my past memories at my hometown, my mom always made this during fruit (Durian) seasons and my family always loves to eat them.  To tell you the truth, i'm not really Durian addicted.*(^_^)* since i'm almost having fever after eating in massive amounts , which gave me hot temptations..hahaha. 

Unlike mangoes , they suite my taste very well and i love to eat them raw.Even i will try to make another desserts later which using mangoes as main ingredients, perhaps ...Mango lassi...hahaha or mango pudding..or ..anything which much simpler and delicious.

Nice facts about mangoes:
Mango fruit has higher contents of Vitamin A-and flavonoids components such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, (poly-phenolic antioxidant compounds) which is reported to have significance influences in protection against cancer and breast cancer.

Have A nice Day ALL *(^_^)*
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chicken soup for calm evening *(^_^)*

Salam, dear all,

Having hectic moments will intensify your tension mood..Am i rite?
Just be cool & chill down.:).why not just relax and have rest and of course there's no perfect place as home...Home Sweet Home *(^_^)*

Again, i am here to share something simple recipes which is compulsory menu that i made when its comes with chicken...hehehe *(^_^)*

simple chicken soup~

I'll post the recipes in BM versions :)

Sup Ayam yang ringkas dan mudah.
(hidangan 2-3 orang)

1) Sebelah ekor ayam (1/2kg ayam dipotong kecil) -dibersihkan dan ditoskan
2) 1 labu bawang merah -dimayang halus
3) 3 ulas bawang putih -diketuk/dicincang halus
4) 1 inci halia-dihiris nipis
5) 1 sudu besar -lada hitam ditumbuk halus
6) sekawan rempah -buah pelaga, bunga cengkih, bunga lawang , kayu manis (guna sup bunjut pun tkper)
7) sebiji kentang -dipotong dadu
8) sebiji tomato -dibelah empat
9) segengam cendawan tiram-dibersihkan
10) daun ketumbar/ daun sup-untuk hiasan
11) perasa (garam, ajinomoto secukup rasa)-boleh tukar dengan kiub ayam kalau nk cepat.
12) 3 cawan air (sebagai kuah)
14) sedikit minyak (untuk tumisan)

Cara-cara membuat;
1) Panaskan minyak di dalam periuk, tumiskan bahan yang dimayang halus dan ditumbuk (bawang merah, putih, halia, rempah sekawan) sehingga garing dan naik bau.
2) Masukkan ayam dan goreng sedikit. Masukkan air ke dalam periuk yang sama. Masukkan kentang dan lada hitam yang ditumbuk. Renehkan ayam sehingga kentang dan ayam masak.
3) Masukkan tomato dan cendawan. Masak lagi dalam 5-7 minit dengan api besar. Kemudian perasakan dengan garam  & ajinomoto jika perlu secukp rasa. Masak sehingga semua ayam betul-betul lembut dan kentang lembut.
4) Tutup api dan sup ayam sedia untuk dihidangkan . Hiaskan dengan daun ketumbar yang dipotong halus yang memberikan aroma sup yang wangi.

Selamat MENCUBA *(^_^)*

Have a Nice day ALL *(^_^)*
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear *(^_^)*

Salam, dear all

This entry is a last minute order from my sister's friends for their surprise birthday bash .in UKM..
they planned to make as dinner as well as farewell party due to final semester, which i thought may be the last enjoyable moments for them in university before they pursuing their practical session later. 

Anyway, good luck and happy birthday dear  *(^_^)*

Choc Moist Cake + buttercream topping

Thanks for ordering with us @ Fieda's delight
Have a nice day, all ....XOXO...*(^_^)*
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VEGE MEE with Brocolli and Oyster Mushrooms~*(^_^)*

Salam , dear all,

Seeking healthy menus for our healthy lifestyle?? 

Healthy diets must be balanced as in our pyramid of food which contains vitamins, protein (energy sources), carbohydrates (energy sources), fat in less amounts indeed.

Lets have a look of what we need in our daily diets.


To tell you the truth , i  really loves to eat vegetables especially the bright one in colours. 
vegetables contain lots of vitamin A, B, C , E, K  that we need to consume  a lots in our healthy diets.
perhaps these kind of vitamins cannot being generated by our own body, except for vitamin D.
vitamins A , D, E, K are fat -soluble vitamins means are soluble in organic solvents whereas the B-complex group vitamin C are water-soluble which important in the break down, metabolism and digestion of proteins , fats and carbohydrates. 

General roles of vitamins;
1) Vitamin A (Retinol ) -important for vision, growth and reproduction which constitute yellow-to-orange pigments in most vegetables and fruits eg; carrot, brocolli, apricots 
2) Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol, Cholecalciferol) -important for bones, teeth which can be found in dairy products, eggs, oysters
3) Vitamin E (Tocopherols) -important for antioxidant for unsaturated lipids  which can be found in vegetable oils , wheat germs, spinach, asparagus, cereals.
4) Vitamin K (Menaquinones, Phylloquinones)-important for blood clotting, maintains strong bones and prevent osteoporosis which can be found in pistachio nuts, leafy vegetables, soya beans, cauliflowers.
5) Vitamin B (Thiamin , Riboflavin)-important for metabolism process , maintaining the nervous system, help in productions of red blood cells, DNA & proteins in body which can be found in leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, wheatgerm, fortified cereal, brocolli.
6) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)-important for connective tissue, and collagen formation , maintaining skin, teeth and streghten immune system which can be found in strawberries, strawberries, tomatoes, brocolli, blueberries, etc.

I will tell you the deficiency of vitamins intake in terms of symptoms and disease to the human in next entry *(^_^)* , stay tuned ..XOXO..

ok..jom semak resepi yang fida sempat sediakan untuk hidangan tengahari dalam versi mudah, BM.
resepi ini sangat ringkas dan cepat dan yang paling penting amat berkhasiat. *(^_^)*

(hidangan untuk 2-3 orang)

1) sayur brokoli hijau-dipotong sederhana saiz dan dibasuh, ditoskan
2) cendawan tiram ikut sebanyak mana yang dikehendaki -dibersihkan dan ditoskan
3) 5 ulas bawang putih -ditumbuk
4) seinci halis-ditumbuk
5) 4 biji cili padi-ditumbuk (terpulang selera masing2 untuk kepedasan)
6) 300gm isi ayam di potong kecil (dibersihkan dan ditoskan)
7) 2 sudu besar tepung jagung (dibancuhkan untuk mendapatkan air bancuhan tepung)
8) sepaket mee kuning (dicelurkan dan ditoskan)
9)2 cawan air (kuah)
10) serbuk lada sulah (terpulang ikut citarasa masing-masing)
11) Perasa (garam/ajinomoto etc) ikut selera masing-masing.

Cara-cara membuat;
1) Tumiskan semua bahan yang ditumbuk dengan sedikit minyak, sehingga agak garing dan naik bau.
2) Masukkan air dan rebuskan ayam sehingga masak. Kemudian masukkan masukkan serbuk lada sulah dan sedikit bancuhan air tepung jagung. Masak sehingga kuah pekat.
3) Akhir sekali masukkan sayur (brokoli dan cendawan tiram ) masak sekejap sahaja dan perasakan dengan garam . Tutup api dan tuangkan kuah di atas mee kuning yang telah dicelur asing.
4) Vege Mee ready to be served. Selamat mencuba *(^_^)*.

Have a NICE day ALL *(^_^)*
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Happy 22nd Birthday Gurl, Emma~*(^_^)*

Salam , dear all

How's your day today?
Hopefully you 're doing fine and have a good day.
I just got a visit from my neighbour yesterday at my house, she asked me to make a surprise birthday cake for her lovely and beloved daughter , Emma.

wish you have a nice day , dear emma, and happy 22nd birthday gurl, may your life cherished with happiness. Amin. *(^_^)*.

Garnished with buttercream & pitted cherry as topping~

Birthday cake (colourful theme) since my neighbour had lovely children and twins. hope your family like it. *(^_^)*

Thanks for ordering with us, tribute with love from Fieda's delight

Have a nice day all
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ayam Goreng Halia , ringkas~*(^_^)*

Salam, dear all

hari yang panas terik , seminggu dua ini cuaca panas terik dan jerebu di sekitar Selangor, memandangkan
isu kebakaran di negara jiran.
 Isu jerebu menghalang pergerakan untuk ke sana sini , dan cuaca yang panas terik ini jugala kita disarankan untuk menjaga kesihatan. Seeloknya berehatla di rumah dan kurangkan aktiviti di luar buat sementara waktu.

Teringatkan anak murid saya yang asyik bertanyakan tentang JEREBU : 

ANAK MURID 1cikgu, jerebu itu asap atau debu-debu ker?
SAYA:  lebih kurang, jerebu itu sebenarnya pencemaran udara yang disebabkan asap kebakaran, debu-debu serta asap dari kilang-kilang.
ANAK MURID ke-2: patutla papa saya kalau jerebu taknk keluar , tambah-tambah kalau hujan rintik-rintik..mesti keluar lewat camtu...petang-petang sikit kalau nak g jenjalan..
SAYA:  yerla, kalau hujan tu tkperla kamu kan naik kereta, kalau jerebu itu yang bahaya sedikit*(^_^)*

Banyakkan minum air masak sepertimana yang diketahui wabak demam selsema dan batuk semakin cenderung untuk dihidapi. :) peringatan untuk diri sendiri. 

Ok, habis berceloteh,..tukar topik kepada makanan pula...
Hari ini, fida ingin berkongsi resepi lauk untuk penggemar ayam .
Kita bertukar selera masak lauk ayam yang sungguh senang dan ringkas ;

Ayam Goreng Halia

Versi ringkas dan sedap *(^_^)* tak tipu,..makan ngn nasi panas, memang terangkat ..hehehe
hidangan (2 orang)

1) 500gm isi ayam yang dipotong kecil-kecil (sederhana kecil sudah memadai)-dibersihkan , ditoskan 
2) 2 sudu besar serbuk kunyit (perapan ayam)
3) sedikit garam (perapan ayam)
4) 2 ulas bawang merah (ditumbuk)-tumisan
5) 4 -5 ulas bawang merah (ditumbuk )-tumisan dan perapan
6) 2 inci halia (separuh dimayang halus dan separuh di tumbuk )-lagi banyak lagi sedap
7)5 ulas cili padi (terpulang ikut kepedasan masing-masing)
8) 1 1/2 sudu besar sos tiram  (tak perlu banyak kerana sudah masin)
9) perasa ikut secukupnya; (garam/gula/ajinomoto)-terpulang ikut citarasa masing-masing
10) sedikit bancuhan tepung jagung -untuk memekatkan kuah
11) 1 labu bawang besar  (dimayang halus)
12) sedikit minyak untuk menggoreng dan menumis

Cara-cara membuatnya:
1) Isi ayam yang ditoskan di perap dengan kunyit, garam, halia dan sedikit bawang putih  selama 1/2 jam .
2) Panaskan kuali dengan sedikit minyak dan gorengkan ayam yang telah diperapkan separa garing. Angkat dan ketepikan.
3) Dengan menggunakan sedikit minyak menggoreng ayam tadi, tumiskan semua bahan tumisan, halia yang dimayang halus, cili padi,dan hirisan bawang besar sehingga naik bau dan garing.
3) Masukkan ayam yang digoreng separa tadi dan satukan dengan bahan tumisan. Masukkan sos tiram dan perasakan dengan sedikit gula & ajinomoto dan garam sekira perlu. (sos tiram sedia masin)
4) Masukkan sedikit bancuhan tepung jagung dan masakkan sehingga kuah pekat. 
5) Ayam masak halia sedia untuk dihidangkan.

selamat mencuba.*(^_^)*

Have a nice day all *(^_^)*
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sweet 20, Ayu Syafira *(^_^)*~

Salam, dear all,

how are you today?
hope everything going good and enlighten your moods with smile *(^_^)*

this entry is previous orders by dear student from Kolej Pendeta Za'ba , UKM
for her beloved friend's birthday bash , Ayu syafira,
sweet 20 dear ayu *(^_^)*

here's the outcomes;

Choc Moist Cake *(birthday cake)*

some CMC in plastic containers,

Have a nice day all,

thanks for ordering with us @ fieda's delight
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Kuih Seri Muka ~(^_^)*

Salam, dear all

happy school holiday to all,
sorry for not update any entry for a while since been busying attending lots of friends and relative's wedding ceremony *(^_^)*

here's the simple traditional kueh which my father loved to eat during my childhood memories :)

in different version -egg layer or simple flour layer :)

i'll share the recipes as follow; *(^_^)*


500gm beras pulut (1/2 kg beras pulut)
500ml santan cair (anggaran santan pekat-200ml + santan cair selebihnya)-dari ½  biji kelapa parut
1 ½  st garam


150gm tepung gandum
3 sdt tepung ubi (untuk bagi nampak berkilat dan licin permukaan atas kuih)
½  cawan gula
Sedikit pewarna hijau pandan (ikut citarasa)
100ml air /santan (terpulang ikut citarasa masing2)-yang penting jgn terlalu cair



5-6 biji telur (bergantung kepada saiz)
200ml air gula melaka
1/2 sdt garam


1) Panaskan kukusan terlebih dahulu. Biarkan air mendidih.
2) Bersihkan beras pulut dan direndam selama 10-20min.
3) Toskan beras pulut. Tak perlulah lama2 sekejap je pon boleh.
4) Satukan semua bahan2 didlm loyang dan dikacau.
5) Kukus beras pulut  diatas kukusan yg telah sedia mendidih selama 20-30min sehingga masak.
6) Keluarkan loyang dari kukusan dan ratakan permukaan pulut tadi dengan plastik. Siap untuk dilapis dgn lapisan atas.

1) Pukul gula bersama telur hingga kembang.jgn terlalu lama.
2) Masukkan air gula melaka ke dalam adunan telur. Kemudian, adunan ditapis dan dituang ke dalam Loyang yang ditekap dengan beras pulut tadi dan sedia untuk dikukuskan.
3) Kukus sehingga masak selama 45min-1 jam. Biarkan kuih seri muka  versi sejuk dahulu baru dipotong dan disediakan.

1) Ayakkan tepung gandum & tepung ubi ke dlm adunan santan ,pewarna hijau, garam dan gula . Dipukul/dikacau lagi agar tidak berbiji.
2) Kemudian, adunan ditapis dan dituang ke dalam Loyang yang ditekap dengan beras pulut tadi dan sedia untuk dikukuskan.
3) Kukus sehingga masak . Biarkan kuih seri muka sejuk dahulu baru dipotong dan disediakan.

***yang warna hijau-seri muka versi tepung, yang coklat-seri muka versi telur , sekejap jer sudah habis...hehe**

selamat mencuba semua *(^_^)*

have a nice day all *(^_^)*
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