Monday, January 30, 2012

Cake Topper~a simple picture captures thousands of words*(^_~)*

Salam dear all,

Topic for today is 
cake topper, perfect item to personalize your wedding cake~
have u noticed that the cake isnt a perfect cake if it doesnt have some accesories to unleash the beauty of it.
for example, 
flowers (real / gumpaste/ buttercream/ fondants) as decorations (simply perfect for wedding cake)
giving romantic moods, ~

how about trying by adding with cake topper as a nice idea , 
when you see the cake, what you will probably think about??
simple yet giving the perfect bride and bridegroom as a memorable moments in their life, 
as the cake will finish, but the dolls can be as a priceless gift to them..:)
Just think about it..:)

Traditional wedding cake topper,  


precious moments cake topper

you choose what you need~

have a nice day all

fieda's delight
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Vanilla Butter Cuppies on Theva & Yoges celebration day ~*(^_^)*

Salam ,dear all

Congratulations, Mr & Mrs (Theva Yoges) on your wedding day

these cuppies was ordered by Mrs Rekha ,
450pcs vanilla butter cuppies (gold, silver and red theme color)
i'll post later, the designs *(^_^)*

1st design 
(rings side-by -side)

2nd design 
love shaped with the name (Yoges & Theva) in it

3rd design 
2 love shaped with initial Y and T in each of them

Have a nice day all

fieda's delight
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Reddish cuppies on Chinese New Year eve ~

Salam dear all,
I wish to all my chinese friends

~Happy Chinese New Year ~

sinonim to red color,chinese believes that the vibrant color means having luck symbolic  and its going to be new year 2012, which is water dragon year, energetic year just like energetic dragon :)...

It is said that the first day of the 2012 Chinese New Year is on January 23, 2012 in China's time zone. 
This day is a new moon day, and is the first day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system.

simple cuppies buttercream & mini daisy fondant on top of them , simple treats to neighbours' kids , seems they loved them so much, especially when seeing the bright color of the fondants~~~~*(^_^)**

fieda's delight

have a nice day all
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jasvinder~*(^_^)*< happy chinese new year :)

Salam dear all,

Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends,
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jasvinder, on their wedding day, 
these 3-tier buttercream wedding cake was an order by her friend, Ms Ishikava, 
nice dealing with you dear,
i just make some adjustments to suite the wedding cake ,
hope you like them..:)
may the bride and bridegroom will live happily together till the end of your life.*(^_^)*

To tell you the truth, i made a lot of efforts doing these cakes especially in making the hardest part which is roses buttercream, the color of the buttercream (maroon) not bright red.., the real consistency of different purposes of buttercream used (leaves, topping, edges, roses..), needs a  lots of patience doing these.*(^_^)*, anyway its really worthwhile when the things that you  getting fear at most, were easily being defeated, Alhamdullilah, praised to god. im really excited doing these cakes especially doing the roses buttercream, decorations and etc...

Here's the outcomes;
3-tier buttercream wedding cake
~vanilla butter cakes (6'-9'-12' size of springforms used)
-maroon red theme color

 Middle cake~

Bottom cake~

~Upper cake

closed up the roses buttercream that i made~
totally need the good stiff consistency in making these buttercream ~

Have a nice day all

tribute from fieda's delight with love

cooking with love and you will taste the passion of it~
happy holiday to all~(^_~)V
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peach Roses Cuppies~

Salam dear all,

today's entry is about flower-ROSES, but not real roses ,just roses buttercream *(^_^)*,
i was really excited having fun doing this kind of deco..

i made simple choc cuppies and here's the deco,
i loves to make them like they really blooms in real life..perhaps its edible..*(^_^)*
using wilton nozel tip-no.127(big size) or no.104 (small size), i made peach color roses buttercream topping on top of the cuppies..

**suitable for wedding cake , birthday cake or perhaps ideal for cupcakes' topping.
(make vibrant colors for stunning and awesome looks)~*(^_~)*

Have a nice day all, and to all my chinese friends, i wish you,

tribute from fieda's delight with love
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Pink Choc Chip Muffin for dearie lil sweetie Ayatul Husna~

Salam Dear All,

Here's some doorgift that i made for akikah event to dearie new born baby Ayatul Husna,
compliment to Kak Sawiyah from Shah Alam,
she requested to made 250pcs of cute choc chip muffin with baby pink color theme, 
(simple decoration with baby pink ribbon & pink sticker with her lil name-Ayatul Husna), i'll post them later,


hot in the oven~

Have A blast day all,


fieda's delight
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cupcakes pakej hantaran atau doorgift perkahwinan/tunang

Salam dear all, 
sorry for not updating for long time, 
here's some of cupcakes buttercream which is simple yet nice to made as
hantaran wedding , as well as birthday gift etc..

(some of these that i made previously and some in my collections,)

simple small swirl of buttercream cuppies
 for doorgift ~(packages included dome casing plastic container)
size 8cm diameter/ s size

set of 25paxs

simple swirl buttercream with small cute fondant flower dressing on top of it

set of 12 paxs (simple swirl buttercream)

fondant type (cupcakes)

brown orange cc (hantaran)

birthday buttercream cuppies

party paxs

fondant cuppies

Have a  nice day all;

Any inquiry, please don't hesitate to call /sms/email us

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pink & Red White Theme Wedding Cake for Siti & haizal ~

Salam dear all,
its been a week im not updating anything,having busy with some other works,
These entry is tribute to pakcik hasan's son upon his son's solemnization event (akad nikah)
as well as the same day for his son's haizal, birthday cake.
 I wish both of you will live happily till the end , and cherished with happiness.:)

I made two shapes of wedding cake , choc moist cake flavour with buttercream topping which were ;
love-shape (on behalf of bride's cake) -reddish white theme 
square shape (on behalf of bridegroom's cake)-pinkish white theme

Here's the results;
pink white theme wedding cake

 here' the bride and bridegroom's pics during the solemnization event, at pakcik hassan's house
really sweet and soft color :)

Reddish White Theme Wedding cake
(bride's cake)

**I'm  really glad that pakcik hasan's family and bride/bridegroom were really pleased and happy to see the cake
hope you all like them,

have a nice day all

tribute from fieda's delight with love
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