Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pink & Red White Theme Wedding Cake for Siti & haizal ~

Salam dear all,
its been a week im not updating anything,having busy with some other works,
These entry is tribute to pakcik hasan's son upon his son's solemnization event (akad nikah)
as well as the same day for his son's haizal, birthday cake.
 I wish both of you will live happily till the end , and cherished with happiness.:)

I made two shapes of wedding cake , choc moist cake flavour with buttercream topping which were ;
love-shape (on behalf of bride's cake) -reddish white theme 
square shape (on behalf of bridegroom's cake)-pinkish white theme

Here's the results;
pink white theme wedding cake

 here' the bride and bridegroom's pics during the solemnization event, at pakcik hassan's house
really sweet and soft color :)

Reddish White Theme Wedding cake
(bride's cake)

**I'm  really glad that pakcik hasan's family and bride/bridegroom were really pleased and happy to see the cake
hope you all like them,

have a nice day all

tribute from fieda's delight with love
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contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845

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