Sunday, January 22, 2012

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jasvinder~*(^_^)*< happy chinese new year :)

Salam dear all,

Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends,
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Jasvinder, on their wedding day, 
these 3-tier buttercream wedding cake was an order by her friend, Ms Ishikava, 
nice dealing with you dear,
i just make some adjustments to suite the wedding cake ,
hope you like them..:)
may the bride and bridegroom will live happily together till the end of your life.*(^_^)*

To tell you the truth, i made a lot of efforts doing these cakes especially in making the hardest part which is roses buttercream, the color of the buttercream (maroon) not bright red.., the real consistency of different purposes of buttercream used (leaves, topping, edges, roses..), needs a  lots of patience doing these.*(^_^)*, anyway its really worthwhile when the things that you  getting fear at most, were easily being defeated, Alhamdullilah, praised to god. im really excited doing these cakes especially doing the roses buttercream, decorations and etc...

Here's the outcomes;
3-tier buttercream wedding cake
~vanilla butter cakes (6'-9'-12' size of springforms used)
-maroon red theme color

 Middle cake~

Bottom cake~

~Upper cake

closed up the roses buttercream that i made~
totally need the good stiff consistency in making these buttercream ~

Have a nice day all

tribute from fieda's delight with love

cooking with love and you will taste the passion of it~
happy holiday to all~(^_~)V
contact us-017-3696845/013-3083792

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