Saturday, January 21, 2012

Peach Roses Cuppies~

Salam dear all,

today's entry is about flower-ROSES, but not real roses ,just roses buttercream *(^_^)*,
i was really excited having fun doing this kind of deco..

i made simple choc cuppies and here's the deco,
i loves to make them like they really blooms in real life..perhaps its edible..*(^_^)*
using wilton nozel tip-no.127(big size) or no.104 (small size), i made peach color roses buttercream topping on top of the cuppies..

**suitable for wedding cake , birthday cake or perhaps ideal for cupcakes' topping.
(make vibrant colors for stunning and awesome looks)~*(^_~)*

Have a nice day all, and to all my chinese friends, i wish you,

tribute from fieda's delight with love
contact us-013-3083792/017-3696845

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