Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carrot Choc Cake for sunny day~

Salam Dear All,

Im coming coming home..tell the world that im coming home..*~(^_^)*
Welcome back to home , my dear friends Tina & Marina ..
Last days , i went to night market in Section 1 Bangi with my sis which situated  nearest to SHELL station,
when i was walking there, busying with the hustle bustle of crowded people there, i noticed something..*^_^**,
orange fresh CARROT...really cheap only RM1 per basket.(3-5 pcs of them), i thinks cheaper than buying at the shop near to my house..

CARROT enriched with vitamin A which is good for your eye sight *(^_^)*, really good as fresh salad, juice or even it can be eaten raw.

CARROT??,what am i going to do with the carrot??
at first i want to make it with popia but i changed my mind, why not trying with CARROT CAKE,?.

Yes, after doing some experiments since my friends don't eat vegetable, and my friends were at home, then i mixed and modified into a cake, so lets have a look at what we have here...
***garnished with Chocolate as topping, not cream cheese as usual topping***YUMMY *(^_^)V
~enjoy your meal as you enjoy the days~


*they enjoyed the cake very much,with soft and moist tender cakes,and yummilicious..**

 thats good technique if you have your children or your hubby which dont like to eat vegetables, *(^_~)V, dont give up, try to make something diffrent and creative,
you will see the unexpected results, good luck *(^_^)*,
perhaps carrot Pudding next entrY ..*(^_^)*

Wanna slice??? *(^_^)~

Notes; these cake also can be made as wedding cake /wedding gift/ birthday cake etc 
good choice flavour ~

Have a nice day

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