Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tiramisu ~indulgence recipe for special dessert~*(^_^)*

Salam, dear all,

Today's entry is a special  scrumptious indulgence italian recipe for special dessert

or known as ~pick me up~
tiramisu is best served during tea time with coffee, when its cool..
yummylicious.cheesy....to tell you the truth, its simple yet very delicious,
thumbs up to the creator of the recipes , i'll recommend this to you..~You wont' regret it..*(^_^)*

here's the new product for fieda's delight

suitable for birthday cake  or exclusive gift for your beloved ones , garnished with fresh fruit , strawberry....*(^_^)~...

Here's the special dessert..

internal section~ with special finger biscuits~ yummy~

from members-sgt sedap, boleh order nie..jgn habiskan ..tunggu sy dtg..~(^_^)*

Have  A nice day,

To order, simply send your details here at:
email -friedafieda@yahoo.com
contact us; 013-3083792/017-3696845
blogsite; http://www.fiedafrieda.blogspot.com

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