Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cake Topper~

Cake Topper 

What is cake topper? 

Stacked wedding cake with buttercream topping

Cake topper is placed on top of your cake. It's not only a decoration on the cake but its symbolically presenting the unity and harmonious culture in any celebration purposes such as wedding or birthday event. It can be  edible or non-edible figurine like fondant figurine or any unique cake dolls. 

Soccer club theme

Cartoon artwork theme (left)

In addition, wedding cake is one of an oldest traditions of wedding. The cake topper will be a perfect choice to reflect your perfect style, personality and marriage. Its depends on the colours, size or any characters to represent your ideas especially for bride and groom. Thus, get your suitable custom unique personalized cake topper to capture your perfect moments with your loved ones.


Tribute with love, XOXO

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