Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Strawberry Tiramisu in glass~ *(^_^)*

Salam, dear all,

good day, good dessert ...simply delicious , best served during cool

cloudy day today, makes me feels  hungry,
 then i snucked into the kitchen, 
grabbed anything inside the fridge, and within 5 minutes i made it.
i used  some portions of  the leftover  mixture of the cheese  during making cheese tarts few days ago, mixed though with eggs , icing sugar , vanilla essence and last but not least milk as solvent system..hehee*(^_^)*..
put alternately layering of strawberry filling  + cheesy mixture + finger's biscuits. 
perfect finishing with sprinkled chocolate powder ...ITS DONE.

chill up your day with a big smile, that may bright up your life
with a glass of chilled strawberry tiramisu..

smiles make you awake,
smile makes your sorrows away, 
smile brings the light to your life,
may your day cherished with happiness,

keep stronger in any obstacles
to overcome your dumbness
keep faith and build strong determination
keep the pace on the track
lead your way 
with the good intentions 
cause you will never be alone..
soon or later
you will become somebody
somebody's me ' ...

extraordinary, rare yet unique...

Have a nice day all,

tribute from fieda's delight with love....
contact -013-3083792/017-3696845

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