Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nasi Tomato a.k.a Tomato Rice

Salam, dear all,

During this weekend, im trying to make nasi tomato, with ayam masak merah and acar timun for our heavy lunch meal.

Lets have a look at the outcomes;

Tomato Rice a.k.a Nasi Tomato

Ingredients :

Rice ~ washed
Chicken cube
Salt to taste
Spices ~ cloves, cardamon, cinnamon stick, star anise
Onion ~ sliced
A bit of ginger ~ sliced thinly
A bit of garlic ~ minced
Tomato sauce
Cooking oil

Method :

1. Add water to the washed rice. Add in chicken cube and salt. Cook like you're cooking plain rice.
2. When the water start bubbling, in a small pot, heat oil. Add in the spices.
3. Add in the onion and saute till fragrant. Add in ginger and garlic.Then pour into the boiling rice.
4. Pour the tomato sauce into the boiling rice.
5. Stir gently to mix.
6. Leave the rice to cook.

Ayam Masak Merah

Ingredients :

Spices-star anise, cardamon, cinnamon stick, cloves
Chicken ~ cleaned and cut to pieces
Onion ~ sliced
Ginger ~ sliced
Garlic ~ sliced
 chilies paste
chilli sauce
Cooking oil

Method :

1. Fry the chicken for just a little while. Set aside.
2. Heat oil and add in chillie paste.
3. Add in all spices,sliced onion, ginger and garlic, chilli sauce. Fry till fragrant.
4. Add salt and sugar to taste.
5. Pour in enough water .
6. Add in the chicken and let it cook.



red onion-sliced

Sliced all the cucumber, pineapple and red onion . Then mix all with some salt and sugar. 
Ready to be served with Tomato Rice

Have A Nice Day all *(^_^)*
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