Friday, October 7, 2011

CMC birthday -25 ,Ina (wangsamaju)

Salam Dear all,

Today's entry is specially dedicated to my dearie oldshool bestfriend, Ina from Wangsamaju.
Specially ordered for her beloved bf, on his 25th birthday ,
 as well as my housemate , Tina on her same birth date.
May your life cherished with happiness and longevity life.Good Luck dear all *(^_^)*

Thanks ina for coming to my house, such a precious moments having some fun chat with you after many years not meet up. I'm glad you still remember our memorable moments in our old schools.(^_^)*.

here's the order;
CMC (Choc Moist cake)+ choc ganache+ fondant wording+ cloud 9 choc deco

(pic was blur and low quality because it was taken by handset)..soryy..

TQ for ordering with fieda's delight

Have a nice weekend *(^_^)*

contact us for details;
fieda -(013-3083792/ 017-3696845)
email us-
official blogsite-

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